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What are DealCoins?

DealCoin is the international virtual currency from CloseDeal. 100 DealCoins = $1.00 (one US Dollar)

CloseDeal uses DealCoins for all transactions within members of the network. You can use DealCoins to pay for deals or for anything anywhere DealCoins are accepted via transfer.

Transactions with DealCoins are immediate and carry no fees.

DealCoins for Reservation only (RDC) are DealCoins that CloseDeal may give you for completing certain actions like signing up, entering a referral code, writing a review, etc. This DealCoins as the name implies are only good to create reservation deposits.
CloseDeal may reward you from time to time with special offers and converting RDC into EDC that you can spend freely.

Earned DealCoins or EDC are the DealCoins that you will Earn by closing deals. You can use EDC to pay for anything anywhere DealCons are accepted or transfer them to any other member.

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