Tutorial 01:  Set Your Preferences Before You Start

If your store is in the USA most likely all you need to set is your time zone.

Check the menu Preferences if you need to change your country, date and time formats, currency and other settings or to check FAQs.

Tutorial 02:  Quick Tour

In this video we will show you the basic settings and operations

  1. Setup Your Brand. Logo and title to display across all stores and offers.
  2. Create Regions in case you have many store locations
  3. Create a Store Location
  4. Create an Offer
  5. Create Users and Assign Roles
  6. Close Deals
  7. Redeem Bonus Coupons
  8. Making Transfers
Tutorial 03:  Setup Your Brand

Setup your brand, logo and description to display in all stores and offers. At any time you can go to Preferences/Setup Branding and edit the settings. Changes will reflect in all stores and offers.

Tutorial 04:  Create Regions

If your business has only a few store locations you do not need to create regions. But if your business has many store locations and you plan to create different offers for different groups of stores or you have employees that will manage more than one store it may be convenient for you to create regions.
Users assigned to a region will be assigned to all stores in that region.
Offers assigned to a region will be available at all the store locations in those regions.
You can create any region at will to serve your purposes.
To create a Region, go to the menu Regions, add a name and a description.

Tutorial 05:  Create a Store location

You need to create a store location even if it is located at the legal address.

  • Fill out the address, name, phone and email address.
  • Take some nice photos from the front and inside.
  • Set the store hours. you can add 2 time windows per day.
  • Add special days or Holidays if necessary.
  • Preview your store location and save it.
Tutorial 06:  Create an offer

You need to create at least one store location before you can create an offer.

  1. Upload images or take camera photos. The main image will be the first.
  2. Add a title, select the correct category and write or paste a description.
  3. Select for men, woman or family, if more than one, duplicate the offer and select the other.
  4. Add the regular price and a lower price for the offer price, but take into account that you are also giving cashback.
  5. Add how many are you willing to offer and how many hours are you granting the consumer to close the deal after they make the reservation before the deal expires.
Tutorial 07:  Create Users and Assign Roles

If you have employees you can create users, assign roles and add permissions to see the wallet, see transfers and send transfers.

  • Director: All permissions, except manage Owner
  • Manager: All permissions except manage Directors
  • Advertiser: Can manage and publish offers
  • Designer: Can create/edit offers, but cannot publish
  • Agent: Can close deals


Tutorial 08:  Close a deal

You have two types of deals: Reserved and Paid

When you close a reserved deal you need to charge your customer

When you close a Paid deal you will be paid the moment you close the deal

Tutorial 09:  Redeem Bonus Coupons  and receive their value

Ask your customer to display the coupon he/she wants to redeem and read the QR code. The Value of the coupon will be transferred from your customer wallet to your wallet.

All you need to do is Honor the coupon value as a discount to whatever the customer wants to buy from you.


Tutorial 10:  Making Transfers

This video will sho you how to Send a DealCoin transfer to any other member.