Buying a Deal

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Click on the offer you are interested in and then push the button Buy Now. If wanted, edit the amount of DealCoins you want to use to purchase the deal. If the DealCoins are not enough to cover the cost of the deal, the balance will have to be purchased with your default payment method.

If you have not yet added a payment method you will be asked to do so. You can add your credit card or payment method with confidence as you will be asked to add a 6 digit PIN. CloseDeal does not save credit card numbers or any financial information from you, instead, the information is encrypted and stored with your credit card issuing company.

Before anyone can use CloseDeal with any of your payment methods, it will be asked for the 6 digit PIN that only you know.

If your phone is lost or stolen nobody can use your credit cards with CloseDeal and the credit card numbers cannot be recovered by any means as they are not stored in your device.

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