How do I send DealCoins to another member?

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To send or receive transfers, both, the sender and the recipient must have completed their profiles.

1. To send DealCoins to another member go to Transfers.

2. If you know how many DealCoins you will transfer, push the SEND Transfer button.

3. Enter the amount of DealCoins you want to transfer.

4. You can either use the Scan QR Profile of the receiver if available or enter the CloseDeal username and push Verify to verify the recipient’s name and last name. Enter a comment and hit SEND Transfer.

If you want, you can use the Calculator tab to enter the amount in money, then push Calculate and Place DealCoins to place the amount of DealCoins to be transferred then follow the instructions on paragraph 4.

Once DealCoins have been transferred the transaction cannot be undo.

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