How secure is to add my credit card?

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In a few words is much more secure than in your wallet or than giving your card to the waiter in a restaurant.

Security through encryption. CloseDeal does not save your credit card information, it is encrypted and then transmitted to PayPal Braintree in secure secret code.

Security through PIN. The first time you add a payment method you will be requested by CloseDeal to create a 6 digit PIN that only you will know and will be used for all subsequent payment methods that you add. Every time you want to buy from CloseDeal using a “stored” payment method you will be requested to enter the PIN.

Security through Quarantine. When a new payment method is added a purchase for 100 DealCoins will be created immediately and the new payment method will be available for purchases after 48 hours. This ensures that if your card has been lost or stolen and used in a CloseDeal account, you have 48 hours to report the card to your credit card company before they can use it.

If you lost your PIN, it cannot be recovered. You will need to Reset your PIN and all “stored” payment methods will be deleted. If this case ever happens, you will need to set anew PIN and re-enter payment methods.

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