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Search or use the filters to find the user you want to edit and press Edit.

Change the parameters you need to change and Save.

Changing username, name or last name will not create a “new user” and all transactions made by this user will also change the parameters you have changed. If you are replacing a job position with a new person, create a new user for the new person. Then deactivate the former user or reassign a new role or store or region. Example 1: Joe was given another position in the company => reassign Joe to anew role, etc. Example 2 Michael left the company and Richard is replacing him. => Deactivate Michael user and create new user for Richard. This will maintain clear audit ability.

Creating new users for new persons will keep the transactions history real. What was done by Joe will remain as done by Joe, but if Joe is deactivated he will no longer be able to access or make new transactions.

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