How do I cancel a deal not yet closed?

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Go to my deals to locate the deal by the offer and username, then push the red button Cancel this deal, select the reason why you are cancelling the deal and push the button Cancel Deal.

If you are cancelling a deal is because something went wrong on your side and the customer will feel better if you compensate him in any way, so you will be giving the customer the DealCoins he would have earned by closing the deal. He will most likely return to your store and make more purchases, he can even buy from you anything using those DealCoins, you will be earning and not losing an unhappy customer.

The described scenario is true if you have a high rating. If your rating degrades you may lose more DealCoins when you cancel a deal because of your errors.

We want to keep the best consumers and best merchants in our community and we encourage good behavior and discourage any misconduct.

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